MENFE is a lifestyle apparel company inspired by our community, Memphis, Tennessee, and the people of other cities and towns across the USA. The Ancient Egyptian version of "Menefer," Menfe means the enduring and beautiful. The Greeks later developed Menfe into "Memphis."  The name MENFE pays homage to our founders’ home, Memphis, TN.

MENFE represents the feeling of community. The community you find whether you are in a big city or a small town. You know MENFE; we are your hometown business, focused on the betterment of the local community. This is our inspiration, so we seek to help protect the community by providing eco-friendly, sustainable clothing at a reasonable price.

MENFE desires to contribute to the common goal of zero carbon emissions in the clothing industry. Thus, we implement deliberate processes to achieve sustainable finished products. Specific measures include maintaining responsible inventory levels and instituting just-in-time production methods to reduce overproduction.

We strive to bolster these efforts by sourcing eco-friendly alternatives manufactured domestically, in the United States. The promotion and use of 100% recyclable clothing fibers is not only important to our mission at MENFE but also to the resurgence of American industry.

The values that shaped us all as individuals are the values that we infuse into the brand. Our goal at MENFE is to produce clothing that inspires the community to build loyalty, trust, and love.  We hope our approach to commerce and fashion will reignite the traditional building blocks of society that inspired our favorite traditional, iconic looks. Intentionally, MENFE products will endure various occasions, leaving beautiful memories.